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Factory environmental air conditioning program


According to the industrial characteristics of the factory, environment-friendly air conditioners can be selected to be suitable for ventilation and cooling in the factory, and low power consumption can be used to solve the harsh working environment and improve the difficulty in recruitment/employment.


Internet cafes environmental air conditioning program


According to the natural physical phenomenon of "water evaporation absorbs heat, and evaporation area affects evaporation efficiency", a fan is used to send air to the room, so that negative pressure is generated inside the machine. The air outside after flowing through the wet curtain is fully in contact with water and absorbs sensible heat in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.


Catering environmental air conditioning program


Dining places are usually distributed in places with large flow of people, and the indoor space is extremely expensive. It is required that refrigeration equipment should not occupy the indoor ground as much as possible. Install the environmental protection air conditioner, make the air pipe by the tin sheet and match the pipe air outlet to carry on the post air supply and the local air supply, open the door and window to exhaust the air naturally.


Shopping mall environmental air conditioning program


The ventilation condition of supermarket is usually poor, in order to control the humidity, the need to use mechanical exhaust fan for ventilation and ventilation; Environment-friendly air conditioners are installed on the external walls or the roof, and the air is sent to the indoor through pipes, and the air vents are opened at necessary positions. In general, mushroom head multi-surface air vents are used in the central corridor.


Farm environmental protection air conditioning scheme


Through the fan to the indoor air, so that the negative pressure inside the machine, outdoor air flow through the wet curtain soaked after the air and water contact fully absorb the sensible heat in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. Environment-friendly air conditioner is suitable for open and semi-open environment, which can directly convey natural wind and cool air after cooling.